DOI: 10.1002/cssc.202300930 ISSN:

Stability of Amine Adsorbents for Post‐combustion CO2 Capture: Determination of Laboratory Degradation Rates and Their Validation in a Multi‐staged Fluidized Bed Pilot Plant

Stefan Leenders, Galina Pankratova, John Wijenberg, Julija Romanuka, Farahnaz Gharavi, Joana Tsou, Melina Infantino, Lennart van Haandel, Sander van Paasen, Paul-Emmanuel Just
  • General Energy
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Chemistry

Alternative to current liquid amine technologies for post‐combustion CO2 capture, new technologies such as adsorbent‐based processes are developed wherein material lifetime and degradation is important. Herein a robust method to determine degradation rates in a laboratory setup is developed, which was validated with a continuous multi‐staged fluidized bed pilot plant designed to capture 1 ton CO2 per day. An amine functionalized polystyrene adsorbent showed very good agreement between the experimental 1000‐hour laboratory degradation rates and 2200 hours of degradation in a pilot plant. This validates how laboratory experiments can be extrapolated for sorbent screening and for scale‐up. Resulting, the oxidative degradation in the desorber at high temperatures (120°C) and low O2 concentrations (150 ppmv) is 3 times higher compared to the adsorber at low temperatures and high O2 (56°C, 7 vol%). Laboratory degradation experiments can hence be used to further optimize process operations to limit degradation or screen for potential new adsorbents.

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