DOI: 10.1177/01461672231191356 ISSN:

Spirituality of Science: Implications for Meaning, Well-Being, and Learning

Jesse L. Preston, Thomas J. Coleman, Faith Shin
  • Social Psychology

Scientists often refer to spiritual experiences with science. This research addresses this unique component of science attitudes— spirituality of science: feelings of meaning, awe, and connection derived through scientific ideas. Three studies ( N = 1,197) examined individual differences in Spirituality of Science (SoS) and its benefits for well-being, meaning, and learning. Spirituality of Science was related to belief in science, but unlike other science attitudes, spirituality of science was also associated with trait awe and general spirituality (Study 1). spirituality of science also predicted meaning in life and emotional well-being in a group of atheists and agnostics, showing that scientific sources of spirituality can provide similar psychological benefits as religious spirituality (Study 2). Finally, Spirituality of Science predicted stronger engagement and recall of scientific information (Study 3). Results provide support for an experience of spirituality related to science, with benefits for meaning, well-being, and learning.

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