DOI: 10.1509/jmkg. ISSN:

Some New Thoughts on Conceptualizing Perceived Service Quality: A Hierarchical Approach

Michael K. Brady, J. Joseph Cronin
  • Marketing
  • Business and International Management

Through qualitative and empirical research, the authors find that the service quality construct conforms to the structure of a third-order factor model that ties service quality perceptions to distinct and actionable dimensions: outcome, interaction, and environmental quality. In turn, each has three subdimensions that define the basis of service quality perceptions. The authors further suggest that for each of these subdimensions to contribute to improved service quality perceptions, the quality received by consumers must be perceived to be reliable, responsive, and empathetic. The authors test and support this conceptualization across four service industries. They consider the research and managerial implications of the study and its limitations.

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