DOI: 10.1162/dint_a_00231 ISSN:

Smart management information systems (SMIS): Concept, evolution, research hotspots and applications

Changyong Liang, Xiaoxiao Wang, Dongxiao Gu, Pengyu Li, Hui Chen, Zhengfei Xu
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Library and Information Sciences
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Information Systems


Management information system (MIS), a human-computer system that deeply integrates next-generation information technology and management services, has become the nerve center of society and organizations. With the development of next-generation information technology, MIS has gradually entered the smart period. However, research on smart management information systems (SMIS) is still limited, lacking systematic summarization of its conceptual definition, evolution, research hotspots, and typical applications. Therefore, this paper defines the conceptual characteristics of SMIS, provides an overview of the evolution of SMIS, examines research focus areas using bibliometric methods, and elaborates on typical application practices of SMIS in fields such as health care, elderly care, manufacturing, and transportation. Furthermore, we discuss the future development directions of SMIS in four key areas: smart interaction, smart decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and flexible system architecture. These discussions provide guidance and a foundation for the theoretical development and practical application of SMIS.

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