DOI: 10.1111/jace.19430 ISSN:

Simultaneous control of mechanical strength and hierarchical structure in freeze‐casted porous alumina by two‐step sintering

Sang‐Chae Jeon, Jong‐Won Woo, Sung‐Hyun Kim, Jang‐Hoon Ha, Dong‐Yeol Yang, Kyoung‐Seok Moon, Haoyue Wu, Jae‐Hwan Yang, Dong‐Kyu Kim
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Ceramics and Composites


To increase mechanical strength of porous ceramics, here, an effective Two‐Step Sintering (TSS) technique capable of producing highly porous alumina with enhanced mechanical strength is suggested. Based on the sintering theories, here, a significantly lower activation energy for densification at low temperature region allowed a beneficial temperature range for the TSS to be deduced. With a specific TSS regime (T1 = 1550°C and T2 = 1400°C), significantly higher compressive strength levels (8.00‐15.24 MPa) were measured with apparent porosity of 56.49% compared to conventional sintering (1.03‐1.86 MPa) with similar apparent porosity of 57.84%. Specifically, another TSS regime (T1 = 1550°C and T2 = 1380°C) left submicron‐sized open pores within the lamellar walls, providing a hierarchical porous structure with enhanced mechanical strength. An evaluation of the mechanical stability by a finite element analysis indicated outstanding compressive strength even with small pores in the lamella walls.

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