DOI: 10.1063/5.0156920 ISSN:

Shock recompression of the metal spall fracture region based on macroscopic simulations

Jun Liu, Cong-Zhang Gao, Yan-Hong Zhao, Zhi-Yuan Sun, Jian-Wei Yin, An-Min He, Pei Wang
  • General Physics and Astronomy

We study shock recompression of the metal spall fracture region using macroscopic simulations in a wide range of initial parameters. Recompression states are mainly analyzed based on different simulation methods. First, we employ an empirical numerical treatment within the fracture post-processing model, resulting in a good agreement with experimental data of porous metals. To further validate its applicability, we carry out direct simulations that distinguish various initial fractured states, and we find that the influence of an initial fractured state on the recompression state is remarkable, especially the temperature. By comparing recompression states calculated by two different simulation methods, it reveals that empirical-treatment-based simulations actually describe fragment-state recompression. The present study shows that empirical-treatment-based simulations are physically capable of describing the shock recompression of fractured metals, which might be potentially used to investigate detonation-driven experiments with more complicated physical scenarios.

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