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Serum Procalcitonin, CRP, Lactate and Albumin as Predictors of Mortality in Critically Ill Cirrhotic Patients

Hala Gomaa Salama Awad, Mervat Mohamed El Damarawy, Waleed Abdallah Ibrahim Ahmed, Ashraf Nabil Saleh, Ibrahim Mohammed Abd El Azim, May Elraey Abdelaziz Aly Ghonim
  • General Medicine



Cirrhosis is the last complication of chronic hepatic disease. Cirrhotic patients may be asymptomatic or have symptoms such as ascites, encephalopathy, variceal haemorrhage, and jaundice, which are all signs of liver malfunction or portal hypertension. Other problems, such as infection, hepatocellular carcinoma, or kidney failure, may have an influence on these individuals' survival. Patients' survival rates are significantly reduced as a result of these problems.

Aim of the Work

The aim of this study is to evaluate serum procalcitonin, CRP, lactate and albumin as predictors of mortality in critically ill cirrhotic patients.

Patients and Methods

This Prospective study was conducted at ICU of Theodor Bilharz Research Institute Hospital. This study included 60 Patients who were admitted to ICU of Theodor Bilharz Research Institute Hospital. The duration of the study was 6 months.


The main results of this study were as following: The present study showed that as regard risk factors; There were 3 patients (5.0%) of them had “HTN”; 27 patients (45.0%) of them had “DM” and 17 patients (28.3%) of them had “Renal Imp.”, while there are no cases of IHD and stroke among risk factors. There was no statistically significant difference between the nonsurvivors’ group and survivors’ group as regard risk factors. The current study showed that according to vital data in the study group, was mean of SBP mmHg (96.17±13.42); mean of DBP mmHg (61.17±10.59); mean of HR (102.07±14.15); mean of RR (19.30±4.80); mean of Temperature (37.32±0.43) and mean of SPO2% (95.10±3.05). There was highly statistically significant difference between the non-survivors’ group and survivors’ group as regard vital signs.


Non-survivors of critically sick cirrhotic patients had greater CRP, PCT, and lactate levels than survivors while, albumin was higher in survivors than non survivors. PCT and CRP are the most significant predictor of poor outcome and increased mortality, followed by Lactate and albumin.

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