DOI: 10.1093/qjmed/hcad069.494 ISSN:

Serum Interleukin 4 Level in Asthma Patient in Relation to Body Mass Index (BMI)

Sara M Mohamed, Maged M Refaat, Osama M Abdel latif, Eman E Ahmed
  • General Medicine



The association between obesity and bronchial asthma has been demonstrated by many studies, either observational or interventional studies in both children and adults. The interrelationship between obesity and asthma derives from a complex interplay of biologic, physiologic, and environmental factors. Obesity considered as an important risk factor for asthma development and this mediated by release of proinflammatory mediators, such as interleukin (IL-6) (IL-4), tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and leptin, into the circulation, while release of anti-inflammatory adipokines, such as adiponectin, is decreased.


To determine relation between serum interleukin (IL-4) level and body mass index (BMI) in asthmatic patients.


This study was conducted on 86 individuals. They were equally classified into two groups: group 1 (overweight and obese asthmatics) group 2 (average weight asthmatics) all of them were subjected to full history and examination, chest x ray, measurement of BMI, CBC, serum total IgE level, serum IL-4 level and pulmonary function test.


Serum IL-4 level is significantly elevated in group 1(overweight and obese asthmatics) rather than group 2(average weight asthmatics) at p-value 0.000. There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups as regard eosinophils, total igE level, FEV1, FVC and FEV1/FVC%.


IL-4 level is significantly elevated in overweight and obese asthmatics rather than average weight asthmatics this may be indicate a pathogenic role in development of asthma in overweight and obese asthmatics.

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