DOI: 10.1002/smll.202304932 ISSN:

Self‐Assembled MoS2 Cladding for Corrosion Resistant and Frequency‐Modulated Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Materials from X‐Band to Ku‐Band

Jixi Zhou, Di Lan, Feng Zhang, Yuhang Cheng, Zirui Jia, Guanglei Wu, Pengfei Yin
  • Biomaterials
  • Biotechnology
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemistry


Reasonable composition design and controllable structure are effective strategies for harmonic electromagnetic wave (EMW) adsorption of multi‐component composites. On this basis, the hybrid MoS2/CoS2/VN multilayer structure with the triple heterogeneous interface is prepared by simple stirring hydrothermal, which can satisfy the synergistic interaction between different components and obtain excellent EMW absorption performance. Due to the presence of multiple heterogeneous interfaces, MoS2/CoS2/VN composites will produce strong interfacial polarization, while the defects in the sample will become the center of polarization, resulting in dipole polarization. Due to the excellent structural design of MoS2/CoS2/VN composite material, MoS2/CoS2/VN composite material not only has good conductive loss and polarization loss, but also can maintain excellent stability in simulated seawater, and enhance corrosion resistance. The MoS2/CoS2/VN composite with dual functions of corrosion resistant and microwave absorption achieves a minimum reflection loss (RL) of −50.48 dB and an effective absorption bandwidth of up to 5.76 GHz, covering both the X‐band and Ku‐band. Finally, this study provides a strong reference for the development of EMW absorption materials based on transition metal nitrides.

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