DOI: 10.1002/jhet.4727 ISSN:

2‐Amino‐4‐arylthiophene‐3‐carbonitrile and formamidine acetate as key building units for the synthesis of 5‐arylthieno[2,3‐d]pyrimidin‐4‐amines

Farzaneh Alizadeh‐Bami, Hossein Mehrabi, Maryam Hosseini‐pour
  • Organic Chemistry


We tried to establish a method for the synthesis of 5‐arylthieno[2,3‐d]pyrimidin‐4‐amine analogues via three‐step reactions and examined the changes in the solvent, time, and temperature. A novel condition has been developed for the preparation of substituted 2‐aminothiophenes employing the Knoevenagel condensation followed by the Gewald method and in the last step to form thieno[2,3‐d]pyrimidines by using formamidine acetate. All the synthesized 5‐arylthieno[2,3‐d]pyrimidin‐4‐amines are unknown and were characterized by IR, 1H‐NMR, 13C‐NMR, and CHN analysis.

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