DOI: 10.3390/fractalfract7080630 ISSN:

Scaling Analysis of Time-Reversal Asymmetries in Fully Developed Turbulence

François G. Schmitt
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
  • Analysis

In fully developed turbulence, there is a flux of energy from large to small scales in the inertial range until the dissipation at small scales. It is associated with irreversibility, i.e., a breaking of the time reversal symmetry. Such turbulent flows are characterized by scaling properties, and we consider here how irreversibility depends on the scale. Indicators of time-reversal symmetry for time series are tested involving triple correlations in a non-symmetric way. These indicators are built so that they are zero for a time-reversal symmetric time series, and a departure from zero is an indicator of irreversibility. We study these indicators applied to two fully developed turbulence time series, from flume tank and wind tunnel databases. It is found that irreversibility occurs in the inertial range and has scaling properties with slopes close to one. A maximum value is found around the injection scale. This confirms that the irreversibility is associated with the turbulent cascade in the inertial range and shows that the irreversibility is maximal at the injection scale, the largest scale of the turbulent cascade.

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