DOI: 10.3390/ijgi12080346 ISSN:

SASTGCN: A Self-Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Prediction

Wei Li, Xi Zhan, Xin Liu, Lei Zhang, Yu Pan, Zhisong Pan
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences (miscellaneous)
  • Computers in Earth Sciences
  • Geography, Planning and Development

Traffic prediction plays a significant part in creating intelligent cities such as traffic management, urban computing, and public safety. Nevertheless, the complex spatio-temporal linkages and dynamically shifting patterns make it somewhat challenging. Existing mainstream traffic prediction approaches heavily rely on graph convolutional networks and sequence prediction methods to extract complicated spatio-temporal patterns statically. However, they neglect to account for dynamic underlying correlations and thus fail to produce satisfactory prediction results. Therefore, we propose a novel Self-Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network (SASTGCN) for traffic prediction. A self-adaptive calibrator, a spatio-temporal feature extractor, and a predictor comprise the bulk of the framework. To extract the distribution bias of the input in the self-adaptive calibrator, we employ a self-supervisor made of an encoder–decoder structure. The concatenation of the bias and the original characteristics are provided as input to the spatio-temporal feature extractor, which leverages a transformer and graph convolution structures to learn the spatio-temporal pattern, and then applies a predictor to produce the final prediction. Extensive trials on two public traffic prediction datasets (METR-LA and PEMS-BAY) demonstrate that SASTGCN surpasses the most recent techniques in several metrics.

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