DOI: 10.55525/tjst.1252420 ISSN:

Süper Çözünürlük Yönteminin Uydu İmgelerinin Sınıflandırma Performansına Etkisi

The high resolution of the image is very important for applications. Publicly available satellite images generally have low resolutions. Since low resolution causes loss of information, the desired performance cannot be achieved depending on the type of problem studied in the field of remote sensing. In such a case, super resolution algorithms are used to render low resolution images high resolution. Super resolution algorithms are used to obtain high resolution images from low resolution images. In studies with satellite images, the use of images enhanced with super resolution is important. Since the resolution of satellite images is low, the success rate in the classification process is low. In this study, super resolution method is proposed to increase the classification performance of satellite images. The attributes of satellite images were extracted using AlexNet, ResNet50, Vgg19 from deep learning architecture. Then the extracted features were then classified into 6 classes by giving input to AlexNet-Softmax, ResNet50-Softmax, Vgg19-Softmax, Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbor, decision trees and Naive Bayes classification algorithms. Without super resolution and with super resolution feature extraction and classification processes were performed separately. Classification results without super resolution and with super resolution were compared. Improvement in classification performance was observed using super resolution.

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