DOI: 10.1002/anie.202309922 ISSN:

Room Temperature Anhydrous Suzuki–Miyaura Polymerization Enabled by C−S Bond Activation

Xuan Wen, Wenbin Xie, Yawen Li, Xiaoying Ma, Zhaoying Liu, Xiao Han, Kaikai Wen, Fengjiao Zhang, Yuze Lin, Qinqin Shi, Aidong Peng, Hui Huang
  • General Chemistry
  • Catalysis


The Suzuki–Miyaura cross‐coupling is one of the most important and powerful methods for constructing C−C bonds. However, the protodeboronation of arylboronic acids hinder the development of Suzuki–Miyaura coupling in the precise synthesis of conjugated polymers (CPs). Here, an anhydrous room temperature Suzuki–Miyaura cross‐coupling reaction between (hetero)aryl boronic esters and aryl sulfides was explored, of which universality was exemplified by thirty small molecules and twelve CPs. Meanwhile, the mechanistic studies involving with capturing four coordinated borate intermediate revealed the direct transmetalation of boronic esters in the absence of H2O suppressing the protodeboronation. Additionally, the room temperature reaction significantly reduced the homocoupling defects and enhanced the optoelectronic properties of the CPs. In all, this work provides a green protocol to synthesize alternating CPs.

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