DOI: 10.48175/ijarsct-12468 ISSN:

Role of Administrator (Mutawalli) and Wakf Property in the Valley of Kashmir

Javaid Ahmad Bhat, Sheeraz Ahmad Sheergugri
  • General Medicine

Mutawalli is the manager of the wakf property. He supervises and takes over the management of Wakf. There is a vital role of Mutawalli in the Wakf because he is the responsible for management, development and protection of Wakf property.The utilization of wakf property and funds can be done in a proper way when we have Honest, trustworthy and purely religious as the mutawalli (Administrator) of the Wakf. Sothatwe can uplift the poor and needy category of our society. The property of Wakf has been mismanaged and it can be thoroughly discussed inthis paper. So the need of an hour is to install proper and trustworthy persons as the administrator of wakf. Sothat the accountability and transparency will improve in our wakf Board.

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