DOI: 10.1515/jib-2022-0046 ISSN:

RNAcode_Web – Convenient identification of evolutionary conserved protein coding regions

John Anders, Peter F. Stadler
  • General Medicine


The differentiation of regions with coding potential from non-coding regions remains a key task in computational biology. Methods such as

that exploit patterns of sequence conservation for this task have a substantial advantage in classification accuracy in particular for short coding sequences, compared to methods that rely on a single input sequence. However, they require sequence alignments as input. Frequently, suitable multiple sequence alignments are not readily available and are tedious, and sometimes difficult to construct. We therefore introduce here a new web service that provides access to the well-known coding sequence detector
with minimal user overhead. It requires as input only a single target nucleotide sequence. The service automates the collection, selection, and preparation of homologous sequences from the NCBI database, as well as the construction of the multiple sequence alignment that are needed as input for
. The service automatizes the entire pre- and postprocessing and thus makes the investigation of specific genomic regions for previously unannotated coding regions, such as small peptides or additional introns, a simple task that is easily accessible to non-expert users.
is accessible online at

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