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Rising incidence and impact of early‐onset colorectal cancer in the Asia‐Pacific with higher mortality in females from Southeast Asia: a global burden analysis from 2010 to 2019

Pojsakorn Danpanichkul, Pinyada Moolkaew, Yatawee Kanjanakot, Natchaya Polpichai, Aunchalee Jaroenlapnopparat, Donghee Kim, Frank J. Lukens, Wahid Wassef, Michael B. Fallon, Vincent L. Chen, Rashid Lui, Karn Wijarnpreecha
  • Gastroenterology
  • Hepatology


Background and Aim

Early‐onset colorectal cancer (CRC) is a growing global health concern, especially in the Asia‐Pacific region. However, comprehensive research on this topic from the region is lacking. Our study aims to investigate trends in early‐onset CRC in Asia over 10 years, filling this research gap.


This study utilized data from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 to assess temporal trends in early‐onset CRC in the Asia‐Pacific. The analysis included estimating annual frequencies and age‐standardized rates (ASRs) of early‐onset CRC incidence, death, and disability‐adjusted life‐years (DALYs) by gender.


The incidence of early‐onset CRC significantly increased in both regions with higher increase and in the Western Pacific region. Notable increases were observed among males in the Western Pacific and females in Southeast Asia (SEA). Mortality rates remained stable in the Western Pacific but increased by 10.6% in SEA, especially among females. DALYs due to CRC also increased significantly in SEA, with a greater rise among females. The Western Pacific had the highest CRC incidence, and in SEA, the mortality rate was higher in females than males.


Our study reveals a substantial increase in early‐onset CRC in the Asia‐Pacific underscoring the urgency for effective interventions. Thus, a comprehensive approach comprising controlled risk reduction, health promotion to heightened disease awareness, and implementation of effective screening strategies should be executed timely to mitigate the burden of early‐onset CRC.

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