DOI: 10.48175/ijarsct-12392 ISSN:

Revitalization, Maintenance, and Cultivation (RMC) of Surigaonon Language: A Grounded Theory

Remuel M. Coles
  • General Medicine

The study aimedto explore the views and perspectives amongspeech communities in the province of Surigao del Norte on Surigaonon as the L1.Moreover, this paper looked into how the native speakers use of Surigaonon across social varied contexts, their benefits in the maintaining the language use in any transaction including their awareness of language loss or death, cultural and political affairs that promote the maintenance and cultivation of language, and the language curricula of the basic education. The studyemployed a purposive sampling as it chose participants to be interviewed employing a set of open-ended questions withina given time durationby which an informed consent was asked before the interview was initiated. A recorded audio was also made to support necessary concepts and themes established. As supported through the studies and literatures revieweda theory “language revitalization, maintance, and cultivation is sucessfuly achieved when native speakers value the language as a personal identity; the academe and NGOs sustainably collaborate coupled with a strong political will of local governments in imposing language use through ordinances, pro-active programs and activities

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