DOI: 10.1002/cnl2.80 ISSN:

Review of carbon dioxide mineralization of magnesium‐containing materials

Jia Li, Mingzhi Luo, Kun Wang, Gaomiao Li, Guoquan Zhang


The increasing utilization of fossil fuels and industrial activities has resulted in a surge of CO2 emissions, which have significantly impacted global climate change. Carbon capture and utilization technologies offer a promising solution to decrease atmospheric CO2 concentrations and convert CO2 into valuable products. This study focuses on the capture and storage of CO2 through the mineralization of magnesium‐containing materials. The analysis encompasses the mineralization process of solid and liquid minerals, the various mineralization processes of magnesium‐containing minerals categorized as direct and indirect mineralization, and the latest research advancements in magnesium‐containing minerals. Brine and seawater from salt lakes are considered the most appropriate materials for mineralization due to their abundance and the simplicity of the process compared to solid mineralization. This paper analyzes the impact of temperature, impurity ions, additives, and microorganisms on the process of magnesium carbonate synthesis crystallization. The use of magnesium‐containing materials for carbon dioxide sequestration can effectively reduce carbon emission. The review offers guidance on carbon dioxide mineralization and explores the potential applications of magnesium mineralization.

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