DOI: 10.7717/peerj-cs.1501 ISSN:

Research on automatic matching of online mathematics courses and design of teaching activities based on multiobjective optimization algorithm

Jiafeng Li, Lixia Cao, Guoliang Zhang
  • General Computer Science

The teaching of the optimization algorithm is a new kind of swarm intelligence optimization technique, which is superior in optimizing many simple functions. Still, it is not evident in processing some complex problems (group and teaching classification). Achieving automatic matching and knowledge transfer in online courses is imperative in mathematics education. This study proposes a design scheme MTCBO-LR (multiobjective capability optimizer-logistic regression), based on multitask optimization, which enables precise knowledge transfer and data interaction among many educators. It incorporates the standard TLBO algorithm to optimize, provides a variety of learning tactics for students at different stages of mathematics instruction, and is capable of adaptively adjusting these strategies in response to actual teaching needs. Experimental results on various datasets reveal that the proposed method enhances searchability and group diversity in various optimization extremes and outperforms similar methods in resolving to multitask teaching problems.

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