DOI: 10.3390/ijgi12090360 ISSN:

LBS Tag Cloud: A Centralized Tag Cloud for Visualization of Points of Interest in Location-Based Services

Xiaoqiang Cheng, Zhongyu Liu, Huayi Wu, Haibo Xiao
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences (miscellaneous)
  • Computers in Earth Sciences
  • Geography, Planning and Development

Taking location-based service (LBS) as the research scenario and aiming at the limitation of visualizing LBS points of interest (POI) in conventional web maps, this article proposes a visualization method of LBS-POI based on tag cloud, which is called “LBS tag cloud”. In this method, the user location is taken as the layout center, and the name of the POI is converted into a text tag and then placed around the center. The tags’ size, color, and placement location are calculated based on other attributes of the POI. The calculation of placement location is at the core of the LBS tag cloud. Firstly, the tag’s initial placement position and layout priority are calculated based on polar coordinates, and the tags are placed in the initial placement position in the order of layout priority. Then, based on the force-directed model, a repulsive force is applied to the tag from the layout center to make it move to a position without overlapping with other tags. During the move, the quadtree partition of the text glyph is used to optimize the detection of overlaps between tags. Taking scenic spots as an example, the experimental results show that the LBS tag cloud can present the attributes and distribution of POIs completely and intuitively and can effectively represent the relationship between the POIs and user location, which is a new visualization form suitable for spatial cognition.

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