DOI: 10.1002/est2.511 ISSN: 2578-4862

Hybrid power management and control of fuel cells‐battery energy storage system in hybrid electric vehicle under three different modes

Youcef Belkhier, Adel Oubelaid, Rabindra Nath Shaw
  • Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
  • Energy Engineering and Power Technology


In most situations, fuel cells (FCs) are insufficient to supply power demands in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), thus battery storage systems (BSSs) are used to make the system more efficient like as rapid starting, high power density, and enhanced dynamic set response. How the power sources are regulated and distributed determines the accomplishment efficiency of the driving forces in such a configuration. The most critical aspect should be how to guarantee torque stability of the traction motor which is in our case a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) while attaining quick reaction. This study discusses a hybrid battery‐FCs energy storage and management system for a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), as well as an integrated PMSM's passivity‐based control (PBC) technique to enable power integration and increase the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)'s operating speed. The present paper is separated into two sections. First, a power management control (PMC) technology is used to manage the FCs‐battery system to guarantee that the HEV gets continuous power from the hybrid energy resources, where a fuzzy logic controller is used as an artificial intelligence system for the FCs converter to maximize the power produced. The second is dedicated to the new proposed PBC control of the EV's PMSM to rectify non‐linearities, external disturbances, and parametric fluctuations. The standard proportional‐integral (PI) control and sliding mode control (SMC) are built for comparison with the proposed PBC dedicated to the PMSM in order to properly assess the efficacy of the proposed control strategy. The simulation results obtained using MATALB/Simulink show that the proposed PBC technique and hybrid battery‐ proton‐exchange membrane PEMFCs energy management enables high power integration and increase the EV's operational speed.

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