DOI: 10.1097/pec.0000000000003084 ISSN: 1535-1815

First-Person Point-of-View Instructional Video on Lumbar Puncture Procedure

Danielle Hatt, Elise Zimmerman, Elizabeth Chang, Jackson Vane, Kathryn A. Hollenbach, Ashish Shah
  • General Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health


Tutorial videos filmed from a first-person point of view (FP-POV) are generally well received. Pediatric residents are expected to be competent in performing the lumbar puncture (LP). The educational effectiveness of a FP-POV in lumbar puncture procedure training for resident physicians has yet to be evaluated. We compared a FPPOV LP video with a standard in-person demonstration of the LP.


We designed an assigned cohort study to compare a FP-POV procedural instructional video of a simulated pediatric LP to the standard in-person procedure demonstration.

After the intervention, residents completed an LP observed by one of two blinded reviewers who assessed the procedure using a modified, published assessment tool.

Participants completed preintervention and postintervention surveys to rate self-confidence and usefulness of the FP-POV educational method. The data was analyzed using a Wilcoxon Rank sum test. z Scores were calculated on the raw assessment scores.


Eighteen first year pediatric residents participated, nine in each group. The median modified assessment tool score was 17 in the FP-POV group (min, 14; max, 17; IQR:, 1.5) and 14 in the standard demonstration group (min, 6; max, 17; IQR, 4.5), with the higher score being more successful. There was a statistical difference between the assessment scores between the 2 groups (z score = 2.18, P = 0.04). Postintervention survey data demonstrated relative satisfaction with the FPPOV educational method.


This study supports the educational effectiveness of a FP-POV procedure tutorial.

Future studies with a larger sample size are needed.

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