DOI: 10.4071/001c.94762 ISSN: 2380-4505

Enhanced Reliability for Power Modules via a New Ag/Si Sinter Joining Strategy

Yang Liu, Chuantong Chen, Koji S. Nakayama, Minoru Ueshima, Takeshi Sakamoto, Naoe Takuya, Hiroshi Nishikawa, Katsuaki Suganuma
  • General Medicine

In this work, with an appropriate adding amount of 20 vol% Si, the novel Ag-Si sintering demonstrated enhanced reliability during thermal shock cycling, specifically including the improved bonding strength stability as well as good microstructure maintenance. The high reliability can be attributed to the reduced CTE value of composited Ag-Si sintering inhibition of thermomechanical stress generation, allowing for the ultra-stable joining structure without coarsening, delamination and deformation. Additionally, the well-adhered interface between sintered Ag and Si additive was also verified by examining the microstructure, ensuring the reliable bonding characteristics of the Ag/Si sintered joint.

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