DOI: 10.3390/info15030160 ISSN: 2078-2489

Empowering Pedestrian Safety: Unveiling a Lightweight Scheme for Improved Vehicle-Pedestrian Safety

Khaled Rabieh, Rasha Samir, Marianne A. Azer
  • Information Systems

Rapid advances in technology and shifting tastes among motorists have reworked the contemporary automobile production sector. Driving is now much safer and more convenient than ever before thanks to a plethora of new technology and apps. Millions of people are hurt every year despite the fact that automobiles are networked and have several sensors and radars for collision avoidance. Each year, many of them are injured in car accidents and need emergency care, and sadly, the fatality rate is growing. Vehicle and pedestrian collisions are still a serious problem, making it imperative to advance methods that prevent them. This paper refines our previous efficient VANET-based pedestrian safety system based on two-way communication between smart cars and the cell phones of vulnerable road users. We implemented the scheme using C and NS3 to simulate different traffic scenarios. Our objective is to measure the additional overhead to protect vulnerable road users. We prove that our proposed scheme adds just a little amount of additional overhead and successfully satisfies the stringent criteria of safety applications.

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