DOI: 10.1002/slct.202305200 ISSN: 2365-6549

Efficient Counter Electrode of MoS2‐GO/PEDOT:PSS for Platinum‐free, High Performance Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Arimakula Chamatam Kasi Reddy, Velpula Neeraja, Ambapuram Meenakshamma, Maddala Gurulakshmi, Mangala Gurubhasker, Mitty Raghavender, Yearva Pedda Venkata Subbaiah
  • General Chemistry


The aim of this work is to fabricate the efficient platinum‐free counter electrodes for the development of advanced and high performance dye sensitized solar cells. MoS2‐GO/ PEDOT:PSS counter electrode has served as low‐cost, simple preparation and high efficient counter electrode for a DSSC. The Cyclic‐Voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and Tafel curve analysis indicate that the MoS2‐GO/PEDOT:PSS counter electrode possesses low charge transfer resistance on the electrolyte–electrode interface, high electrocatalytic activity and fast reaction kinetics for the reduction of tri‐iodide to iodide at the counter electrode. The DSSCs made with MoS2‐GO/PEDOT:PSS counter electrode achieve high power conversion efficiency of 7.73 % under standard light illumination of 100 mW/cm2, is higher than the platinum based counter electrode DSSC (5.53 %). The results witnessed the developed counter electrode is efficient and potential for platinum‐free dye sensitized solar cell applications.

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