DOI: 10.1111/nhs.13108 ISSN: 1441-0745

Effectiveness of HealthTracker for post‐caesarean section surgical site infection surveillance: An intervention study

Se Ok Ohr, Jean Ball, Erdahl Teber, John K. Ferguson, Rachael Petherbridge, Michelle Giles
  • General Medicine
  • General Nursing


This intervention study aimed to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of HealthTracker, a post‐discharge surgical site infection surveillance system. Participants were 730 women birthing by caesarean section at a large hospital over a 6‐month period. Data were downloaded from clinical data systems and HealthTracker. Receiver operating characteristics were used to assess HealthTracker. Over a 6‐month period, 382 women completed HealthTracker, with 83 scoring ≥6, indicating signs and symptoms of surgical site infection. Of this 83, 58 sought advice from health professionals, 29 returned to hospital, and 45 received antibiotics. A total of 20 infections from a total population of 730 were confirmed, with 14 out of 382 respondents confirmed via HealthTracker. Receiver operating characteristics identified HealthTracker as an excellent indicator of surgical site infection. HealthTracker is a feasible mHealth option for monitoring post‐discharge surgical site infection post‐caesarean section. In addition, by providing alerts, advising women to monitor their symptoms and seek treatment if necessary, HealthTracker has the potential to enhance self‐efficacy for surgical wound monitoring at home.

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