Jinzhen Jiao, Jian Wu, Chuanshe Zhou, Zhixiong He, Zhiliang Tan, Min Wang

Ecological niches and assembly dynamics of diverse microbial consortia in the gastrointestine of goat kids

  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
  • Microbiology

Abstract Goats are globally invaluable ruminants that balance food security and environmental impacts, and their commensal microbiome residing in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is associated with animal health and productivity. However, the reference genomes and functional repertoires of GIT microbes in goat kids have not been fully elucidated. Herein, we performed a comprehensive landscape survey of the GIT microbiome of goat kids using metagenomic sequencing and binning, spanning a dense sampling regime covering three gastrointestinal compartments spatially and five developmental ages temporally. We recovered 1002 high-quality metagenome-assembled genomes (termed the goat kid GIT microbial catalog [GKGMC]), 618 of which were novel. They encode more than 2.3 million nonredundant proteins, and represent a variety of carbohydrate-degrading enzymes and metabolic gene clusters. The GKGMC-enriched microbial taxa, particularly Sodaliphilus, expanded the microbial tree of life in goat kids. Using this GKGMC, we first deciphered the prevalence of fiber-degrading bacteria for carbohydrate decomposition in the rumen and colon, while the ileal microbiota specialized in the uptake and conversion of simple sugars. Moreover, GIT microorganisms were rapidly assembled after birth, and their carbohydrate metabolic adaptation occurred in three phases of progression. Finally, phytobiotics modified the metabolic cascades of the ileal microbiome, underpinned by the enrichment of Sharpea azabuensis and Olsenella spp. implicated in lactate formation and utilization. This GKGMC reference provides novel insights into the early-life microbial developmental dynamics in distinct compartments, and offers expanded resources for GIT microbiota-related research in goat kids.

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