DOI: 10.1002/ange.202404474 ISSN: 0044-8249

Dynamic Chalcogen Squares for Material and Topological Control over Macromolecules

Aaron Bui, Anne Fernando Pulle, Aaron Micallef, Jacob Lessard, Bryan Tuten
  • General Medicine

Herein we introduce chalcogen squares via selenadiazole motifs as a new class of dynamic supramolecular bonding interactions for the modification and control of soft matter materials. We showcase selenadiazole motifs in supramolecular networks of varying primary chain length prepared through polymerization using tandem step‐growth/Passerini multicomponent reactions (MCRs). Compared to controls lacking the selenadiazole motif, these networks display increased glass transition temperatures and moduli due to the chalcogen bonding linkages formed between chains. These elastomeric networks were shown to autonomously heal at room temperature, retaining up to 83% of the ultimate tensile strength. Lastly, we use post‐polymerization modification via the Biginelli MCR to add selenadiazole motifs to narrowly dispersed polymers for controlled topology in solution. Chalcogen squares via selenadiazoles introduce an exciting exchange mechanism to the realm of dynamic materials.

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