Li Li, Jinyang Ling, Dongxu Zhang, Nanyang Wang, Jiamin Lin, Zhonghua Xi, Weigao Xu

Direct measurement of built-in electric field inside a 2D cavity

  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • General Physics and Astronomy

The on-demand assembly of 2D heterostructures has brought about both novel interfacial physical chemistry and optoelectronic applications; however, existing studies rarely focus on the complementary part—the 2D cavity, which is a new-born area with unprecedented opportunities. In this study, we have investigated the electric field inside a spacer-free 2D cavity consisting of a monolayer semiconductor and a gold film substrate. We have directly captured the built-in electric field crossing a blinking 2D cavity using a Kelvin probe force microscopy–Raman system. The simultaneously recorded morphology (M), electric field (E), and optical spectroscopy (O) mapping profile unambiguously reveals dynamical fluctuations of the interfacial electric field under a constant cavity height. Moreover, we have also prepared non-blinking 2D cavities and analyzed the gap-dependent electric field evolution with a gradual heating procedure, which further enhances the maximum electric field exceeding 109 V/m. Our work has revealed substantial insights into the built-in electric field within a 2D cavity, which will benefit adventures in electric-field-dependent interfacial sciences and future applications of 2D chemical nanoreactors.

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