Marc W. Fromer, Qian Xu, Mackenzie L. Shindorf, Tyler J. Mouw, Maiying Kong, John Myers, Yana Feygin, Indranil Ghosh, Robert C. G. Martin, Kelly M. McMasters, Prejesh Philips, Charles R. Scoggins, C. T. Ellis, Michael E. Egger

Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer after Cholecystectomy in the Elderly

  • General Medicine

Background Previous studies evaluating whether recent cholecystectomy is associated with a pancreas cancer diagnosis are limited. We aimed to examine if cholecystectomy was performed more frequently in the year prior to cancer diagnosis than would be expected in a similar non-cancer population. Methods SEER-Medicare linked files were used to identify patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Cancer diagnoses were considered to be “timely” if within 2 months of cholecystectomy or “delayed” if 2-12 months after cholecystectomy. Clinical factors and survival outcomes were compared using chi-square and Kaplan-Meier analyses. Results Rate of cholecystectomy in the year prior to diagnosis of cancer was 1.9% for the cancer group, compared to .4% in the non-cancer group (OR = 4.7, 95% CI 4.4-5.1). Differences in the cancer vs non-cancer cohorts at the time of cholecystectomy included a higher age (74 vs 70, P < .0001), more males (49.9% vs 41.7%, P < .0001), and more frequent open technique (21.0% vs 9.4%, P < .0001). Acute pancreatitis was nearly twice as common in the cancer cohort (19.1%) vs the non-cancer cohort (10.7%), P < .0001. There were no differences between patients who had a timely diagnosis after cholecystectomy compared to a delayed diagnosis with regard to age, gender, comorbidity index, race, or rural/urban designation. The rates of localized disease and subsequent resection were also similar between the delayed and timely groups. Overall unadjusted survival was no different between timely and delayed diagnoses, P = .96. Discussion Elderly patients diagnosed with pancreatic adenocarcinoma are more likely to have had a recent cholecystectomy compared to those without.

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