DOI: 10.2144/fsoa-2023-0208 ISSN: 2056-5623

Diabetes and prediabetes prevalence through a community-based screening initiative in Alqunfudah, Saudi Arabia

Saleh Ahmed Alshaikhi, Ahmed Madini Alamri, Ibrahim Yahya Alzilai, Ageel Ahmad Alghanimi, Ali Mohammad Alrufaidi, Ahmed Mohammed Alrufaidi, Ahmed Elsayed Bader, Ahmed Abushaisha Abdelmoniem, Ayoub Ali Alshaikh, Omar Ahmed Alshaikhi, Mohammed Ahmed Alshaikhi, Ramy Mohamed Ghazy
  • Biotechnology

Aim: This study aimed to identify prediabetic and diabetic patients using fasting blood sugar in Alqunfudah, Saudi Arabia. Patients & methods: Multistage stratified random sampling technique was used to recruit study participants aged 18 years and older. We measured anthropometric measures like waist circumference and body mass index. Results: A total of 332 participants were included in this study, 52.4% were female, 45.2% aged >50 years, 89.8% were Saudi, and 19.0% had been diagnosed with hypertension. Nearly a third (36.1%) of the participants were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and 28.3% had impaired fasting glucose. Age and hypertension were significant predictors of diabetes. Conclusion: Early detection and intervention are crucial to reducing the diabetes epidemic in Saudi Arabia.

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