Mahmoud M.A. Abulmeaty, Ali Almajwal, Mervat Elsayed, Heba Hassan, Zaid Aldossari, Thamer Alsager

Development and validation of novel equation for prediction of resting energy expenditure in active Saudi athletes

  • General Medicine

Being the most stable component of energy expenditure, resting metabolic rate (RMR) is usually used in the calculation of energy requirements for athletes. An adequate energy prescription is essential in supporting athlete development. This work aims to develop and validate an equation for calculating energy requirements for Arabic Saudi athletes. This cross-sectional study included 171 active athletes aged 18 to 45 years. The sample was divided into a development group (n = 127) and a validation group (n = 44). Anthropometry, indirect calorimetry, and body composition analysis via bioelectric impedance analysis were performed on all participants. The novel predictive equations were created by using stepwise linear regression analyses. The accuracy of the novel equations was compared with 10 equations, and Bland and Altman plots were used to estimate the limits of agreement between measured RMR and novel equations. The first novel equation used a set of basic measures, including weight, gender, and age, was [RMR = 1137.094 + (Wt × 14.560)–(Age × 18.162) + (G × 174.917)] (R = 0.753, and R2 = 0.567, wt = weight, G = gender; for male use 1 and female 0). The second equation used fat-free mass, age, and weight [RMR = 952.828 + (fat-free mass × 10.970)–(Age × 18.648) + (Wt × 10.297)] (R = 0.760 and R2 = 0.577). Validation of the second novel equation increased the prediction of measured RMR to 72.7% and reduced the amount of bias to 138.82 ± 133.18 Kcal. Finally, the new set of equations was designed to fit available resources in clubs and showed up to 72.73% accurate prediction and good agreement with measured RMR by Bland and Altman plots.

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