Yu Chang, Chia-En Wong, Pang-Shuo Perng, Hany Atwan, Kuan-Yu Chi, Jung-Shun Lee, Liang-Chao Wang, Chih-Yuan Huang

Decompressive Craniectomy versus Craniotomy for Acute Subdural Hematoma: Updated meta-analysis of real-world clinical outcome after RESCUE-ASDH trial

  • Critical Care and Intensive Care Medicine
  • Surgery

Abstract Introduction The RESCUE-ASDH trial found that disability and quality-of-life outcomes were similar between craniotomy and decompressive craniectomy for traumatic acute subdural hematoma, contrasting previous literature. This meta-analysis aims to validate the applicability of RESCUE-ASDH results using real-world data in acute subdural hematoma patients. Methods We searched Chocrane, Embase, and MEDLINE for relevant articles reporting clinical outcomes of craniotomy and decompressive craniectomy. Meta-analysis utilized R software with the restricted maximum likelihood method for random-effects meta-analyses, presenting odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals with Hartung–Knapp–Sidik–Jonkman adjustment for heterogeneity. Results Besides RESCUE-ASDH, 5 retrospective studies were included, spanning 2006-2016. A total of 961 patients with traumatic ASDH were included in this study (Craniotomy = 467; Decompressive craniotomy = 494). The pooled analysis of retrospective studies showed no significant difference in poor clinical outcomes between the two groups (OR 0.59, 95% CI, 0.32 to 1.10). These findings align with the RESCUE-ASDH trial (OR 0.84, 95% CI, 0.58 to 1.23). Mortality rate was significant higher in patients undergoing craniectomy in pooled result of retrospective studies (OR 0.59, 95% CI, 0.32 to 1.10). In RESCUE-ASDH trial, reoperation rate was higher in the craniotomy group, but the pooled result of retrospective did not show significant difference between the craniotomy and craniectomy group. Conclusions This real-world evidence confirms the RESCUE-ASDH trial results. Both craniotomy and decompressive craniectomy yielded similar disability and quality-of-life outcomes for traumatic acute subdural hematoma patients. Level of evidence Level 2, Systematic and meta-analysis

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