Sania Ghaffar, Syeda Shahnoor, Abdul Moiz Khan, Aimen Asif, Maryam Fida, Malik Olatunde Oduoye, Wechuli Polyne Nafula

CRP Albumin Ratio: A novel noninvasive and cost‐effective method for assessing the severity of acute pancreatitis

  • General Medicine

AbstractIntroductionAcute pancreatitis is a significant and potentially life‐threatening gastrointestinal disorder that requires prompt and accurate diagnosis for effective treatment. Current diagnostic methods often involve expensive and inaccessible imaging studies, such as CT scans, limiting their utility in emergency settings and underserved areas.AimThis correspondence discusses an innovative and cost‐effective approach to assessing the severity of acute pancreatitis, focusing on the C‐Reactive Protein‐Albumin Ratio (CAR).MethodologyWe searched relevant articles and studies from 2015 till date on PubMed, Web of Science, and Google Scholar using these keywords: “C‐Reactive Protein”, “Albumin Ratio”, “Acute pancreatitis”, “Cost‐effective”, “Non‐invasive”, and “Severity”.ResultThe CAR diagnostic method involves a simple blood test that measures the levels of C‐Reactive Protein (CRP) and albumin, both commonly used markers for assessing inflammation. Elevated CRP and decreased albumin levels are indicative of inflammation, and the CAR has shown a strong positive correlation with the severity of acute pancreatitis. This method offers a non‐invasive, time‐efficient, and cost‐friendly alternative to traditional diagnostic techniques.ConclusionThe potential of CAR as an assessment tool for the severity of acute pancreatitis is highlighted, especially in resource‐limited settings. This innovation holds promise for improving the timely and accurate diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and reducing mortality rates.

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