Nuray Güzeler, Çağla Özbek, Hüseyin Mert

Cross‐linking duration impacts on Hatay cheeses with microbial transglutaminase enzyme

  • Process Chemistry and Technology
  • Bioengineering
  • Food Science

The study aimed to enhance Hatay cheese texture using microbial transglutaminase enzyme (mTG). Cheeses were manufactured using milk treated with mTG for different durations (30, 45 and 60 min) and assessed over 60 days. Longer treatment increased yield (18.79–20.81%) and hardness but reduced springiness. Composition, proteolysis and adhesiveness remained unaffected. Electrophoresis showed β‐casein and αs1‐casein declines during storage, with minor changes in αs1‐casein's breakdown product. Microbial transglutaminase enzyme created a denser protein network, visible in SEM, resulting in a compact structure. Sensory analysis favoured the 60‐min treatment. Overall, mTG improved Hatay cheese quality by modifying texture without major compositional changes.

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