Yu Wang, Jianwen Yu, Yu Jiang, Jianbo Li, Aikeda Yimamuyushan, Xi Xia, Li Fan, Fengxian Huang, Wei Chen, Qinghua Liu

Corticosteroid in IgA nephropathy with moderate proteinuria: A retrospective cohort study

  • Nephrology
  • General Medicine

AbstractBackgroundCorticosteroids remain contentious as a therapeutic option for IgA nephropathy. We conducted a retrospective cohort study to explore whether corticosteroid therapy is efficient and safe for IgAN patients with moderate proteinuria.MethodsA total of 336 patients with renal biopsy‐confirmed IgAN, estimated glomerular filtration (eGFR) over 15 mL/min/1.73 m2 and urine protein levels of 0.75–3.5 g/d were enrolled. According to the treatment protocol, we classified the enrolled patients into two groups: one receiving corticosteroids and the other receiving supportive care. Complete remission, partial remission, and no remission were applied to describe the efficacy assessments. The endpoint was defined as a 40% reduction in eGFR, the onset of ESRD, or renal disease‐related death.ResultsClinical and pathological progression risk factors were higher in corticosteroid‐treated individuals. Logistic regression analysis revealed that the corticosteroid group was considerably related to a higher remission rate after adjustment for confounding factors. The occurrence of serious adverse events between the two groups was not found to be statistically significantly different. Then, we matched 95 couples of patients with similar baseline levels in both groups by propensity score matching. The results showed that corticosteroid‐treated patients showed higher overall and complete remission rates than untreated patients. However, due to the relatively short follow‐up period, no significant differences in the incidence of endpoint and survival analyses have been observed thus far.ConclusionCorticosteroid therapy may benefit IgAN patients with moderate proteinuria via proteinuria reduction and renal function preservation.image

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