Weili Guo, Cheng Liu, Ting Sun

Cooperative Maritime Search of Multi-Ship Based on Improved Robust Line-of-Sight Guidance

  • Ocean Engineering
  • Water Science and Technology
  • Civil and Structural Engineering

In this paper, an improved robust line-of-sight (RLOS) guidance-based fuzzy sliding mode controller is presented to control underactuated ships to conduct the cooperative maritime search operation under the presented improved creeping line search method. First, considering that the ship cannot perform turning with corners, an improved creeping line search method is presented by integrating the Bezier method into the traditional creeping line search method to smooth the transition points with corners and employing the cubic spline interpolation method to generate continuous reference paths. Second, an improved RLOS guidance method is presented for the first time by exploring the idea of robust adaptive control to mitigate the chattering effect of the RLOS guidance. Third, the fuzzy logic system with approximate ability is integrated into the design of sliding mode controller to handle unknown nonlinear model dynamics and environmental disturbances. Finally, an improved RLOS guidance-based fuzzy sliding mode controller is presented. The closed-loop stability is guaranteed by the Lyapunov theorem. Comparative simulations are conducted to illustrate the advantages and verify the effectiveness of the presented method.

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