Changshui Wang, Qian Zhang, Zhenlu Liu, Bei Li, Wei Zhao, Chunmei Zhang, Shaohua Jiang, Jun Wang, Kunming Liu, Shuijian He

CoO supported NiFe layered double hydroxide sandwich‐like nanosheets on hierarchical carbon framework for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution

  • General Energy
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Chemistry

Exploration of greatly efficient and steady non‐noble oxygen evolution reaction (OER) electrocatalysts is of great significance in improving the overall efficiency of energy density systems such as regenerative fuel cells, water electrolyzes, and metal‐air batteries. Herein, inspired by hierarchical 3D porous structures with open microchannels of natural wood, CoO@NiFe LDH sandwich‐like nanosheets were anchored on the carbonized wood (CW) via electrodeposition and calcination strategies. The strong interactions between CoO nanosheets and NiFe LDH nanosheets endow CoO@NiFe LDH/CW electrocatalyst with high catalytic properties toward the OER comparable to CoO/CW and NiFe LDH/CW. The optimized CoO@NiFe LDH/CW electrocatalyst demonstrates good OER catalytic performance with an overpotential of 230 mV at 100 mA cm‐2. This work presents an innovative approach to utilize renewable resources for constructing advanced free‐standing catalysts.

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