Sujing Guo

Construction of Financial Performance Evaluation System based on Principal Component Analysis Algorithm and Its Application in Digital Transformation Enterprises

  • Economics and Econometrics
  • Finance
  • Business and International Management

In the context of a strong national push toward the growth of the ""digital economy"", traditional manufacturing companies are increasingly turning to new digital technologies for their digital transformation. This paper aims to investigate the suitability of using a financial performance evaluation system for assessing the success of digital transformation strategies employed by these enterprises. The application of principal component analysis in digital transformation enterprises involves repeatedly selecting the main indicators in the financial performance evaluation index system of manufacturing enterprises. Finally, a financial performance evaluation index system suitable for analyzing digital transformation enterprises is constructed. The differences in financial performance before and after transformation are analyzed, and a comprehensive evaluation and comparative analysis are conducted on the financial performance of digital transformation enterprises and non-digital transformation enterprises. The experimental results show that the average growth rate of total assets of enterprises is 7.07%. The average growth rate of operating revenue is 20.99%. The standard deviations are 17.42% and 235.9%. There is a significant difference between the maximum and minimum values of these two indicators, indicating that the average dispersion of these two indicators is relatively high. In the initial phases of digital transformation implementation, enterprises that adopt digital technology experience a certain level of profitability improvement, as shown by the results. Compared to businesses that have not undergone a digital transformation, digitally transformed enterprises possess greater advantages and flexibility in digital operations. Digital transformation has important theoretical and practical value in improving the financial management level of digital transformation enterprises.

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