DOI: 10.3390/microplastics3010011 ISSN: 2673-8929

Comparison of Methodologies for Microplastic Isolation through Multicriteria Analysis (AHP)

Valentina Phinikettou, Iliana Papamichael, Irene Voukkali, Antonis A. Zorpas
  • General Medicine

Environmental pollution caused by microplastics has evolved into a global concern; however, limited knowledge exists about microplastics in soils due to the absence of standardized extraction methods. This research aimed to develop an inexpensive, rapid method with user-friendly and environmentally sustainable outcomes for microplastics retrieval. Three salt solutions (Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate) and an oil solution (canola oil) underwent evaluation for microplastics extraction through the flotation process due to the density and oleophilic properties of plastics. Four widely used plastic types, obtained through fragmentation using a grinding mill from clean new plastic containers or membranes, were subjected to analysis. The experimental procedures for microplastics retrieval varied among the evaluated solutions. Through a comprehensive multicriteria analysis, the saturated Sodium Chloride solution emerged as the optimal scenario for microplastics extraction, followed closely by the canola oil scenario. The recovery method utilizing Sodium Chloride demonstrated economic feasibility, safety, and reliability. This study provides valuable insights into an effective and sustainable approach for mitigating microplastic pollution in soil, offering a promising avenue for future environmental conservation efforts.

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