S. A. Bhave, A. N. Pandit, M. S. Tanner

Comparison of Feeding History of Children with Indian Childhood Cirrhosis and Paired Controls

  • Gastroenterology
  • Pediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health

SummaryOne hundred prospectively studied children with Indian childhood cirrhosis (ICC) in Pune District, India, differed from 100 matched controls with respect to feeding history. Animal milk was used in all ICC cases but not in 27 controls. It had been started by 3 months in 63 cases and by 6 months in 82 cases of ICC, as compared with 15 and 25 controls. Twenty‐four ICC cases received no breast feeding, and 45 and 60 were breast fed for <3 and <6 months, respectively; only 10 control children were breast fed for <6 months. All ICC children's feeds had been in contact with brass vessels. Copper vessels were used for water carriage with equal frequency in cases and controls. Girls predominated amongst healthy older siblings of cases. Ninety‐one healthy siblings of cases had been fed similarly to controls. Three pairs of twins with similar feeding histories died with ICC. whereas two pairs were discordant for feeding and outcome. Hepatic copper loading in ICC is attributable to copper contamination of early animal milk feeds.

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