DOI: 10.52403/ijhsr.20240302 ISSN: 2249-9571

Comparative Study of Micronutrient Deficiency in Prepubertal & Post-pubertal Patients of Premature Canities

Prashant Kumar Mishra, Anil Kumar Gupta, Rajkumar .
  • General Medicine

Background: Premature canities is a very common problem. Patients with premature canities seek medical care for cosmetic concern but sometimes it may be associated with some underlying disease or deficiency state. Aim: Comparison of prevalence of certain micronutrient deficiency in prepubertal and post-pubertal patients of premature canities. Material and Method: An observational study was done on 40 self-reported cases of premature canities. Each patient was assessed for serum level of haemoglobin, ferritin, vitamin D3 and vitamin B12. Patients were divided into two groups, prepubertal patients were included in group-A and post-pubertal patients were included in group-B. Result: Haemoglobin deficiency was present in 75% patients of group-A and 25% patients of group-B. Ferritin deficiency was present in 62.5% patients of group-A and 37.5% patients of group-B. Vitamin D3 deficiency was present in 95.84% patients of group-A and 75% patients of group-B. Vitamin B12 deficiency was present in 83.34% patients of group-A and 43.75% patients of group-B. There was statistically significant difference between deficiency of haemoglobin and vitamin B12 in group-A and group-B, p value being 0.0018 and 0.0883 respectively. Conclusion: Prepubertal cases of premature canities are more prone to have underlying micronutrient deficiency. Key words: premature canities, micronutrient deficiency, prepubertal, post-pubertal

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