Kirill Yu. Monakhov

Commentary on the role of polyoxometalates in nature cybernetic loop

  • General Medicine

AbstractThe interplay between extraterrestrial, atmospheric, aqueous, interfacial, and hydrothermal processes is crucial for Earth's prebiotic chemistry. Volcanic terrains contain polyoxometalates (POMs). Some polyoxocuprates were identified as building blocks of fumarole minerals produced from high‐temperature gases. The existence of polyoxovanadate anions in acidified reducing volcanic aquifers cannot be excluded. At present, it can only be speculated whether life arose around natural POM deposits and/or around their aqueous phase chemistry through acid‐base and/or redox reactions. This Commentary spans different fields of sciences in nature cybernetic loop to provide impetus to explore gas‐phase chemical reactions of multiply charged POM ions, catalysis by POM‐containing mineral phases, the behavior of POMs under plasma‐initiated ultraviolet photolysis, interactions of POMs with microorganisms, bioorthogonal chemistry of POMs, and engineering POM‐based bionic functions inspired by living organisms.

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