Lu Dai, Lillie G. Wilson, Mayumi Nakagawa, Zhiqiang Qin

Coinfections with additional oncoviruses in HPV+ individuals: Status, function and potential clinical implications

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Virology

AbstractOncovirus infections account for an estimated 12%−20% of human cancers worldwide. High‐risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the etiological agent of some malignancies such as cervical, oropharyngeal, anal, penile, vaginal, and vulvar cancers. However, HPV infection is not the only cause of these cancers or may not be sufficient to initiate cancer development. Actually, certain other risk factors including additional oncoviruses coinfections have been reported to increase the risk of patients exposed to HPV for developing different HPV‐related cancers. In the current review, we summarize recent findings about coinfections with different oncoviruses in HPV+ patients from both clinical and mechanistic studies. We believe such efforts may lead to an interesting direction for improving our understanding and developing new treatments for virus‐induced cancers.

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