Kenichi Kato, Ryo Iwano, Shun Tokuda, Kiichi Yasuzawa, Masayuki Gon, Shunsuke Ohtani, Shuhei Furukawa, Kazuo Tanaka, Tomoki Ogoshi

Circularly polarized luminescence from a common alkoxy pillar[5]arene and its co‐aggregates with π‐conjugated rods

  • General Medicine
  • General Chemistry

AbstractCylinder‐shaped macrocycles composed of π‐panels have attracted special attention as one of the best platforms for the development of organic molecule‐based chiroptical materials. Pillar[n]arenes are a class of macrocycles with the advantage of easy preparation but have not been extensively investigated from the perspective of luminescent molecules. However, common alkoxy pillar[n]arenes are fluorescent in non‐haloalkane solvents, showing potential to be used for molecule‐based chiroptical materials. In this work, circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) spectra are reported for a pillar[5]arene with stable planar chirality using tetrahydrofuran (THF) and cyclohexane as solvents, which has been missing for many years. The pillar[5]arene also forms co‐aggregates with 1,4‐bis(phenylethynyl)benzene and 1,4‐bis[(pentafluorophenyl)ethynyl]benzene in THF/H2O mixtures, owing to a hydrophobic effect. The co‐aggregates with the fluorinated π‐rod display a new low‐energy absorption peak and broad emission band as well as intense circular dichroism and CPL signals. Chiral information from the enantiopure pillar[5]arene core is efficiently transmitted to the co‐aggregates with the π‐conjugated rod, leading to the highest dissymmetry factor for CPL (2.9 × 10−2 at 472 nm) among pillar[n]arene‐based CPL materials.

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