DOI: 10.3390/jcm13010220 ISSN: 2077-0383

Chronic Pelvic Puzzle: Navigating Deep Endometriosis with Renal Complications

Ileana Adela Vacaroiu, Andra-Elena Balcangiu-Stroescu, Iulia-Ioana Stanescu-Spinu, Daniela Gabriela Balan, Mihai-Teodor Georgescu, Maria Greabu, Daniela Miricescu, Elena Cuiban, Larisa Florina Șerban-Feier, Mircea Ovidiu Denis Lupușoru, Alexandra Gaube, Dragos-Eugen Georgescu
  • General Medicine

This case report delves into the intricacies of a challenging clinical scenario involving deep pelvic endometriosis, which manifested with renal complications. Endometriosis, a complex gynecological condition, is explored in this case, highlighting its multifaceted nature. The patient presented with a complex interplay of symptoms, including chronic pelvic pain, urinary tract issues, and severe deep adenomyosis. The diagnostic journey was protracted, emphasizing the need for early recognition and intervention in such cases. A thorough evaluation, including laparoscopic examination and histopathological analysis, revealed the extensive presence of endometriotic lesions in various pelvic and renal structures, ultimately leading to left hydronephrosis. The report underscores the significance of timely diagnosis and surgical intervention to prevent irreversible renal damage. This case provides valuable insights into the management of deep endometriosis with renal involvement and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Understanding the complexities of this condition can aid in improving patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of care provided.

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