Andi Lai, Jiawei Zhou, C.W. Lim

Chiral Standing Spin Waves and Unidirectional Waves of Odd Elastic Cylindrical Shells

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Condensed Matter Physics

Abstract Rotating waves can be observed in structures with periodic conditions, such as cylinders and spheres. Compared with traveling waves and standing waves, rotating waves have received less attention. In this paper, an odd elastic dynamic model of the cylindrical shells is established, and the dispersion relation, traveling waves, and standing waves are investigated. The non-Hermitian rotating waves and single-handedness chiral standing spin waves are reported, which are novel dynamic phenomenon caused by odd elastic effects. Waves generally cannot propagate in passive materials with vanishingly small elastic modulus. However, a unidirectional wave with the highest cutoff frequency can occur in an odd elastic cylindrical shell with vanishingly small elastic modulus. For incompletely restrained end displacements, the odd elastic cylindrical shell can also generate a hybrid mode combining standing spin waves with unidirectional waves.

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