DOI: 10.18254/s207054760029212-0 ISSN: 2070-5476

Chinese Naval Expansion against the backdrop of the current balance of power in the Asia-Pacific

Alexey Stepanov
  • General Medicine

This article explores the evolution of China's naval forces, highlighting its transition from a regional power to a significant global maritime presence. The focus is on China's investment in sophisticated naval technologies and armaments, including new classes of aircraft carriers and submarines, and the strategic deployment of these assets in pivotal regions like the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. The article pays special attention to China's shift in naval doctrine, moving from a traditional coastal defense strategy to one that emphasizes high seas capabilities. The analysis concludes that China's naval expansion notably alters the regional balance of power, yet it also encounters challenges, including maintaining a high technological standard and dealing with geographical constraints. Ultimately, the article asserts that China's burgeoning naval strength poses a challenge to the United States, albeit one with limited scope.

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