DOI: 10.31857/s032150750029002-4 ISSN: 0321-5075

China. Modernization of Industrial Production

Natalia N. Koledenkova
  • General Agricultural and Biological Sciences

The article deals with the problems of modernization of industrial production in the context of the country’s economic policy, aimed at turning China into a powerful industrial power with high international competitiveness by 2049. The author focuses on the 20th Congress of the CPC, the PRC socio-economic development plan for the 14th five-year period (2021–2025) and long-term goals until 2035, which involves a number of strategic breakthroughs in the development of key and traditional industries. This is primarily in the field of high-tech equipment and information industries. In general, the plan is focused on accelerating the industrialization of the country and turning the country into an internationally competitive industrial power. China will adhere to the following areas: to carry out the modernization of industrial production based on scientific and technological achievements; give priority to qualitative parameters of growth; promote technological innovation; work towards a transition to a low-carbon, safe and highly efficient energy system; develop ecological production; accelerate the integration of information technology and industry.

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